Some of our previous clients are shown below (in aphabetical order):

Barclays Capital
We developed an interface between an in-house bond-trading system and bond consortium (Bondclick) web site.
We wrote a number of C++ components for an FX trading application.
We produced hyper-linked documentation for data model and performed data migration.

Credit Suisse
We wrote a Unix-based data server, and Unix and Windows clients for distributing counterparty and other information.
We led an in-house team in developing a company-wide static data system, involving data maintenance, retrieval and distribution.

Financial Times Information
We developed an application using CORBA for retrieving company information and making it available for the web.

Goldman Sachs
We advised on implementation of SOX controls, with particular focus on database access.
We implemented new processes for data transformation with XML and XSLT.

Peek Traffic
We performed a thorough code review of in-house libraries, tested and corrected problems, and advised on restructuring and interface improvements.

Royal Bank of Canada
We undertook technology evaluations for a new distributed data service.

Royal Bank of Scotland
We re-engineered C++ data servers.
We implemented a new set of risk calculations.