Our approach to software skills is to concentrate the majority of our resources in selected areas (e.g. C++, SQL, HTML), which have the widest possible application. This has allowed us to build up a collection of general-purpose libraries and utilities which have proven themselves over the years.

We advocate the use, where possible, of technologies which are open, standardardised and stable; technologies which have proven themselves in the market. This reduces software costs and makes it easier (and cheaper) to find staff to maintain the application. There is also typically a greater body of knowledge in books and on the internet to draw from. Our core skills are shown below:
Languages: C++, Java; also Perl, Python
Web: HTML, XML, JavaScript, CSS, CGI, PHP
Other: SQL, Corba, COM

We also have in place arrangements with a number of selected suppliers to cover specialist skills and to cope with peaks in demand.

Of course, equally as important as the technical skills is the ability to manage a project. We have proven skills in project management and man management. We can work within, with, or in control of your team, or completely autonomously. We know how to balance the potentially conflicting priorities of the business (make more money as soon as possible) and IT (produce a documented and tested system that is reliable and easy to maintain).