Contrax is an application for browsing and storing details of agencies, agents and potential jobs. It was written primarily as an exercise in seeing what sort of ways would be convenient to edit and browse data in a database.

At present there is no specific code related to agencies, agents etc. in the program apart from the SQL used to create the tables. Instead, the program uses meta data. This is data that describes data, i.e. instead of hard-coding in the program that "web address" is an attribute of an agent, of type string, and is not mandatory, this information is held in a database table.

The program uses a Sybase database, and also requires QT 2.2 or above, available from Trolltech; KDE 2.0 or above; and my Sybase utility library V0.6 or above, available here.

The program is not yet finished, but it is usable. I've put some screenshots here to give you an idea of what it's like.

Contrax is released under the GPL.