Sybesque - Screenshots

The first time you run Contrax, you get a welcome screen:

You then need to tell Contrax which database to use. Note: press RETURN (not TAB) after entering the password, or the database list won't get populated.

Once you have provided the database details, Contrax will create the database tables, and then display a window with four tabs: Browse, Modify, Rate calculator and Reports.

The Browse tab allows you to view data in any of the tables. Select the table you want to browse in the list box on the left. If you want, you can put SQL conditions in the edit box on the right. You can copy field names from the list of fields into the Conditions box, by left-clicking the field name and then middle-clicking in the edit box.

Press the "Get Results" button to retrieve data from the database. Press "Copy results" to copy the data in the Results table to the clipboard (tab-separated). You can then paste this data into another application e.g. the gnumeric spreadsheet.

The modify tab lets you search for and edit data. Choose the tab for the database table you want to search/modify:

The buttons along the bottom of the dialog are for:
ClearClear all the input fields, useful before doing a search
StartGo to the first record which matches the search criteria
Previous  Go to the previous record which matches the search criteria
NextGo to the next record which matches the search criteria
EndGo to the last record which matches the search criteria
SearchSearch for all records which match all supplied fields. If the field is a string field, a record will match if it begins with the search string, e.g. to find all agencies whose name begins with M, put M in the name field and press Search.
NewCreate a new key and clear the other fields. When creating a new agent/agency etc. it is important to click New first, before entering any data.
CopyCreate a new key for this record, leaving the original record intact.
SaveNone of the above buttons modify the database. Use Save to save the changes back to the database.
DeleteUse Delete to delete the currently displayed record from the database.

The Rate calculator tab displays a simple dialog for converting between hourly/daily/weekly rates etc. Change any field and all the other fields update to match.

The Reports tab is not written yet. The idea is that certain queries will be pre-defined and will be able to be executed with one (or few) clicks. The Browse tab is quite limited in that queries can only be run on one table at a time. Using reports, it will be possible to run queries over multiple tables.